Thursday, May 31, 2007

Photo Gallery site

I opened a photo gallery at PBase . It's a working gallery so i will upload pics continuously. I'm learning a lot from the way others take pictures.

Check it out!! Jeff's Photo Gallery .

Wednesday, May 30, 2007

More experimental photos

I just finished my 4th roll, but have not developed them yet. Hopefully it will be just as good or better than the last roll. Also, this film thing is adding up quick at $8-10 per roll, so have to develop only a few each month. I have to be more selective on my shots. I guess that's where having a digital has it's advantage. Here are some more pics from my last roll:

"Purple pointing to Red"

"Up and Up"

Duck leading

"Frozen" water

Landscape park


Thursday, May 24, 2007

New Hobby: Film Photography

So I have a new obsesion, it's photography. I have a co-worker who's very talented and takes landscape and weather photos. His work is amazing! and i'm learning from him. He (and others) say that the way to learn the basics is to use old fashioned film cameras. So I won (for super cheap under $100) a Canon Rebel Ti on EBay. The digital SLR cameras are just too expensive, so i'll get proficient on this first before spending the hard earned cash.

My first roll of film turned out way out of focused, bad lighting, over/under exposed, and bad composition. It was a disappointment, because i thought i had good shots. The second roll was slightly better, but still lots of shots lost. The third was considerably better! I was pretty proud of myself. Much better shot selection, composition, lighting, etc. So the following pics are from that roll.