Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Nothing new (though still busy)

(Gretchen and Ruby at 2mos)

It's kinda hard to keep this page up, not really. I guess it's easy to write a quick paragraph, but I feel like it has to be something significant, like a family trip. So putting up daily activities are not that interesting to me or anyone who reads this (not that there's anything wrong with that). So I guess that's why I don't really write too much. I've even turned off the comments bec/ I know there's only two (yeah, two) persons that read this (thanx!).

So anyway, our day to day has been centered around the kids. Take them here or there, try to get home in time for Mason's nap, find friends that have a swimming pool (thanx Sam and Norma), and try to stick to our budget(2 more weeks left of this month, eek). It seems like we're constantly cleaning the house or laundry or picking up toys or giving time-puts and disciplines. No wonder we're so tire by 8:30pm. Good thing our kids are asleep by that time too :-)

So, until next time (whenever)
keep checking