Monday, July 31, 2006


YES! #3 on the way. The baby will be due sometime in mar/apr '07. We'll wait to find out. (of course, i'd like a boy). We're happy. Life is already different. Two is already a handfull, three will be a circus. But it will be welcome.


Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Life w/ 2 kids

It's been fun having 2 kids. Maya has really been a big help with Mason. Out of anyone, she really makes mason laugh the most. We love to hear them laughing in the car or the house. Maya will say or do something for a laugh over and over until it gets annoying. We always wondered how we would handle 2, but it is easier. At this trend, does it get easier with more? maybe. i can see why the youngest is always spoiled. I was youngest of 3 and Gretchen youngest of 2. I guess we are spoiled a little, life come at us pretty easy. Of course, there are plenty of hard times too. We couldn't imagine not having the two of them. Well, imagine....


Thursday, July 13, 2006

Few Updates

Maya and Mason are being the normal toddler siblings. Mason(1 1/2 yrs) is on a screaming phase. Everything is his (in his world), he sees something that Maya is holding and just grabs it. If he doesn't get it, he SCREAMS!! It's been hard going to places with him.

We just have to protect his nap times and eating times and he'll be happy and cute.

Maya has been really good, considering. As the older sibling, she gets blamed for a lots of stuff, just because she "knows better". She's very patient, helpful and funny. She can make Mason laugh the most. It's great to hear laughter around the house and in the car. They're very close.

My cool neckbeads finally died. I've had this for over 5 yrs ! Gretchen bought it for me in Lake Tahoe, and it's on many pictures of ours and many travels. I felt young and suddenly adventurous wearing it(like putting on a cape), now that i'm in my mid-life. Finding a replacement will be...(pause) difficult. So long old buddy! Rest in pieces.

OK, back to reality. We had church at our house in the beginning of July. We haven't had much people at our house in a while, and with this many people, it was a little hectic. But it was very fun. The house survived, and the food-friends-fellowship were great. It's good to have people in our home so that we can focus on others and not ourselves.

We went to the Sacramento Train Museum with our neighbor Mimi's free pass. Gotta love free anything. It was the first time i've been there. I was blown away! Very cool. The kids were loving it. Mason kept pointing at everything, and Maya was running back and forth. Very cool.

Well, that's about it. I'll try to update more often.
Thanks for reading.

Friday, July 07, 2006

Grateful Friday


I'm here!