Thursday, March 29, 2007

It's a....Girl !!

Ruby Skye Lancero
born: 27mar07 (1:40am on a Tuesday) "Ruby Tuesday"
wt: 6 obs 9 oz
ht: 19 ins

Total labor was 4 hrs (not quite like Mason who came charging out in 1 hr 20 min) and no time (again) for the epidural. I give it to my wife who endured 2 natural childbirths.

My mom(from Austin) and Tracy were there. Tracy came at a moment's notice (11pm) and stayed until 3am.

We waited to find out the gender until the baby came out. So this made it exciting. As soon as she came out, we were all trying to catch a glimpse and we all cried, "It's a !" It's no wonder that we never decided on a boy's name.

Ruby was a pound lighter whan the other two. She seems tiny to us, but very healty.

Maya and Mason love her! They just have to get used to holding her not like a toy. Mason is pretty rough like a boy. They are getting better each day. Ruby looks like a mix of them.

So, life with three starts now. It's still sureal, but we can't imagine not being without all three.

Wish(pray) us luck!!
the Lanceros

Monday, March 26, 2007

Just waiting

Today is my due date(26mar07), and no baby yet! We've walked, waited, whaled, and whined. The kids have been pretty good, thanks to Jeff's parents being here from Austin TX. It's really been good to see how fun the kids are having with the grandparents. Thanks to all my friends who are calling me daily to check up on me, hoping for me to have this baby already. I guess I should enjoy this time now before the baby come, because once it's here, life will be different.

So wish me luck!

Thursday, March 22, 2007

Re-Update #1

So, here i go. Just trying to update since x-mas time. Not much happening, just day to day stuff. But then, thrown in a toddler , a pre-schooler and a pregnant wife, then it's not so "day to day stuff" anymore. We are very excited to have another one. Waiting until the end to see what baby it is has been very different, exciting and "natural". It's so easy to find out, but this is really rewarding. Of course I want a boy, and G wants a . Either way, it's going to change our lives.

Tour of CA 2007. We were all so excited to see a pro cycling race come to Sacramento. There were so many people there and we had to find a good spot for us to see. We waited about 2 hours to see them go by in 30 seconds. But still fun.

"On the way" to our friends, the Hannons, we had to stop by the Jelly Belly factory! What a blast. We took the fee tour and got free candy at the end. Lots of fun!

G 38 weeks.

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

So, It's been a while! (again)

I'm not very good at keeping this thing updated. There are lots of things going on, but no real time to update blogs. But then, I don't really think anyone is reading these anyway. If you do, i love comments(good ones). So, i'll try to write whenever i get a chance. In my next post, i'll write about our 10 year (OMG!) weekend getaway(w/o kids) to SFO, very fun!

see ya, hopefully soon.