Wednesday, October 10, 2007

"Eventful" Entries

Another late entry, but hey, it's an entry. Times get busy when you've got three. Sometimes, there's really nothing worth blogging, just the day to day life. Of course, each is different, but the routines are uneventful. So, here are some "eventful" entries:

Maya turned 5 on September 4th. At Chuckey Cheese with about 10 of Maya's friends and cousins, add parents and it's a big party. Thanks, Chuckey! no cleanup.

Maya loved her first real bicycle with all the fringes.

Mason and I went to LA in September for a family funneral. He had fun, considering the event.

Great to be with my family that weekend.
Luv ya Ma, Pa and Sharon.

Maya's first day at Kindergarten. She did really well. She's a natural leader, and adapts well. She is now transfered to a spanish immersion school(25mi away, ugh)

Labor Day at Funderland and Fairy Tale Town with the Browns.


Almost fearless. This is about all the roller coaster that I can take.

Thanks for checking in. Hopefully more soon.

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