Sunday, April 22, 2007

Re-Update #2

So it's been a while........again. Our friend Lorissa gave me a little nudge to update our blog. It has definitely been busier around the house lately and we're wiped out by the time the kids are asleep. But then again, we always make time to watch our TV shows(Heroes, 24, Idol, and Lost) I guess its all about priorities then.

So here are a few:

My parents have been with staying with us for 6 weeks now. They've been a great help with the day to day duties. The kids really love having grand parents around to play. It's great listening to stories from the PI and their travels. Now they are in the Philippines for 6 weeks, so the house is less lively(and less clean). We all miss them.

I took leave from work for almost 6 weeks!! Whenever i tell that to others, they are always amazed. I'm gratefull that i can do that. Anyway, I had all these projects lined up to do, but then each week went by and there were not much projects finished. We did finally plant some trees. It was haaaarrrddd work digging those holes by myself. Hopefully, they will survive, and give years of shade.

We had a chance to go on a road trip to San Luis Obispo. The 5hr drive turned out to be 6 1/2 hrs with kids, of course. Thank you for car DVD players. I gave a 30min presentation for a work related seminar, then we were off to play. Stayed at Embassy Suites, very nice.

We headed for Pismo Beach, the weather was pretty good, and not crowded on a tuesday.

I remember going to the beach when i was little. For birthdays, we would go to the beach for an all day party.

Downtown SLO was very cool. Lots of little shops and eateries. We ate at this "natural" cafe with lots of vegetarian dishes. Gretchen loved it. They had a turkey, so i was happy. Heather would like this place.

so, that's it for now. more later(hopefully)

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

One Post A Day (#2)

It's been 3 weeks today since Ruby was born, and 4 weeks since i've been on vacation. Her sleep pattern is relatively pretty good. She gets about 4hrs or so, 5hrs on a good day. Funny how all three kids are all different, how cliche. Speaking of our (other) kids, Maya and Mason have been rebelling on their sleeptimes. Mason has been skipping the afternoon naps and can barely make it to 7pm. Maya is not liking her "roomtime" either. Can you say Cranky??!!

The days are kinda running into each other.

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

One Post A Day(#1)

OK, since i'm not very good at updating this thing, I'll try posting one a day for a week. The posts may be long or short, but as long as there are posts(and comments). So here goes....

Of course, with the baby, it's been crazy busyin the house. Lots of people dropping off foods and/or visiting. Super thanks to all of those bring food for the last 2 weeks! Great idea to bring it every other day, and have lots of leftovers. Also, having my parents stay with us for 4 weeks have been a great help too! It's very heartwarming to see them play with their only grandkids. Makes us happy. The perks of taking off for a coffee anytime without the kids is great too!
Love ya Ma and Pa.

Wednesday, April 04, 2007

And then there were Three...

It's been one week since Ruby was born. It's actually been a very good week. Ruby would actually sleep through the night, and we had to wake her up every 2-3hrs to feed. But each day, she would slowly wake up before the alarm. Maya and Mason have been pretty good as siblings. They want to hold Ruby all the time. Mason is more gentle now, though there are occations where he'll be distracted with another toy and he'll just jump off the bed with Ruby on his lap.

She does have what we call the "witching hour" where she would stay up for an hour or so, and that could be anytime(5am, 12am, 10pm...) it's different each night. Overall, she's a content baby.

Proud Lolo and Lola.
It's been great having them here from Austin. They only get to see their grandkids maybe once a year. They are having a great time.

2 and 1/2 yrs old!! He got skills! He's still being his usual self even with all the excitement here.

"Some" of my cousins from the bay area and LA. There are more of them. I love big family gatherings. We had a great time eating (filipino food) ,talking, and playing.

"Ruby In The Skye"