Monday, February 04, 2008

First month of 2008 gone by

Well, i thing the theme of January 2008 was "Sick, sick, sick". The whole family was sick. Of course, it started w/ the kids. Since Maya is now in K-school, she was the first to get it. Started w/ somekind of stomach flu (vomiting) for a few days. Ruby was sick(fever, vomiting) at the same time as Maya, at 1am! A few days later, it was Mason's turn, same symptoms, nausea, vomiting, high fever, cold sweats. Next are the parents. I got hit hard w/ the flu! Had to take 4 days off. It was the worst feeling, laid up in bed just waiting it out. I think the reaper was knocking at my door. Gretchen had it the least, if at all. I guess it's true that moms never get sick. Then back to Maya and Ruby, they both got ear infections (double ear for Ruby). More vomiting(on me) and high fevers.
Anyway, we're all feeling better now. Not quite 100% but close. I lost 5 pounds instantly, not that i needed to. Ramen noodles for diners are not so nutritious.

Next time, i'm getting the flu shot.


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