Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Father's Day. What else....Bike Race

STEAK! That's really all I wanted. I get steak twice (b-day and f-day) a year in some fancy restaurant. We went to Black Angus (though not the best) and had NY steak which was very good. Gretchen and the kids had fun as well. It's been hard eating out lately with Mason having fits and screaming and yelling. Our last 3 outings, one of us had to take Mason outside to distract him. I'd let him scream if i could, but Gretchen won't let that happen. Hey, I pay just as much as anyone else to be in that restaurant, and I will enjoy our stay with kids or not. I don't care if people stare. But that's just me, that's not Gretchen. After lunch, we went to Old Navy nearby, and got some good deals for the kids. It was fun to see them playing throughout the store playing hide and seek and chasing a ball. Kids will have fun no matter where they are.
Onto the bike race. We to Nevada City Classic pro bike race that afternoon. Nice drive. The race was very exciting! Seeing the pros ride at higher levels that I ever will; Fast! There were lots of spectators, the mom and pop shops were very cool, and the outdoor restaurants looked relaxing. I saw and talked to a few friends that I ride with from Sacramento. When we left for home, we were very tired.
Great day, Thanks babe!

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

It's a Father/Son Thing

There's something different about this relationship versus any other. There is an aire or pride that comes with being with my son, just slightly different than being with my wife or daughter. Not to add pressure to him, but he is the only male-born out of all my family to carry on the Lancero name. That makes me even more proud, only my dad might be more so. When I'm with my daughter, we have our own type of fun. She loves having "daddy-Maya time", sometimes going to get ice cream or mostly going to Home Depot. Mason is now starting to speak two cylable words. It's amazing how they just stare at you for over a year, then one day get it and start speaking. It's very cute when Mason says "tik-ku" for Thank You. On the other hand, he can turn on a dime and throw the biggest fits, mostly by 4-5pm dinner/bedtime.

Then all is quiet by 8pm.

Saturday, June 10, 2006

Stereotypical Siblings- more or less

Sometimes, my wife and I think about our first 5 years of our marraige, and how "free" we were. We did the typical young married thing and do whatever we felt like doing (along with the consequenses that comes with it, mostly fights and arguments). But we did have lots of fun. We were glad that we took that time to really get to know each other. We have friends that got pregnant right away, and they feel the effects of not strengthening their marraige as much. The kids then come first ahead of the God and spouse. It's hard to see one take sides with the child against the spouse. Children need order and boundaries and hierarchy. But that's just my opinion. The DINKs (dual income no kids) are long gone. It doesn't seem to matter so much, now that we have kids. We look at dinks now and think "they have no clue". It's just a higher level having kids and the instant feeling of responsibility. We can't see life without our kids now.

Anyway, on to the kids. Maya(3) and Mason(1). The stereotypes are now starting to come true in front of our eyes. You know it as soon as the words come out of your mouth, "You're older, you know better" When Mason cries, I yell out "Maya!" "Maya, you take care of your younger brother". The younger one gets away with things. He gets (almost) whatever he wants. and so on. We try to give them equal rights, but it's harder when you're tired and just give in. I can see why the youngest of three are always spoiled (like me, youngest of 3). We talk about having a 3rd all the time, and most of our friends have, or having, 3's. Then the stereotypes will really set in.

But we will break that (the stereotypes).

luv you M&M

Friday, June 09, 2006

Let the Wild Rumpus Start!

This blog is for my kids, Maya and Mason.